About us

Intellexi is leading developer of innovative software components, applications and systems.

Intellexi field of expertise are applications for telecommunication service providers, namely software components, applications and services for management of users, calls and charging for NGN mobile and fixed network systems.

Since 2012 we have been present on the Croatian market, and since the beginning of 2013 we have started expanding our business to the countries in the Adriatic region and the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The activities for expansion to the markets outside Europe are underway.

We are positioning ourselves as a system integrator for complete communication solutions with the emphasis on JAIN SLEE technologies and product portfolio of different suppliers and partners.

Intellexi runs the business through its offices in Zagreb where we gather a group of dozen highly qualified professionals with years of experience in development, implementation and maintenance of the most complex solutions in application and service layers of mobile and fixed networks, on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

We offer a wide range of services:

development and implementation of ICT solutions
• complete support before and after implementation
• solution integration into telecommunication network
• development of our own applications and their integration into telecommunication system

Knowledge and experience of our experts have been acquired through business cooperation with the leading suppliers of telecommunication middleware and equipment. We have built an open, creative, modern and innovative business environment, with our R&D center as one of our strategic assets for future business growth of the company.

We are striving to make Intellexi an ideal place for creating new ideas and business opportunities and to provide our partners with new values, more profitable business and competitive advantages.

In developing and expanding our business, we fully rely on the skills and innovativeness of our employees. Their expertise and experience include all the significant technologies with regard to access, core and application (service) layer of telecom network with emphasis on real time services based on JAIN SLEE.

We also cooperate with world's leading suppliers of telecom solutions. Their product portfolio enable us to create up-to-date solutions for any segment of mobile or fixed network.

We are a reliable partner to our customers, who appreciates and recognizes their needs. By understanding their business interests and strategies, we can recommend appropriate solutions consisting of fully compatible elements chosen on the principle of excellence. Such approach guarantees implementation of solutions comprised of best-in-class elements regardless of supplier and technology, thus widening the space for choice and, at the same time, increasing the overall solution quality.


The telecom industry is facing a highly dynamic future. Not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of other key factors, such as deregulation of telecom market, convergence of many different types of networks and services, new approaches to pricing policy, etc. At the same time, telecom operators are looking for an effective solution to balance the investments in telecom infrastructure against their operational costs in order to keep their networks capable of handling new demands. Making the right and timely decisions is a challenge they have to face every day. They cannot afford to wait until current and future uncertainties are clarified because of the risk of being overrun by the competition.

All these facts have been carefully considered and taken as a baseline in our strategy framework concerning the market positioning and market approach. We have accordingly defined the essence of our core business:

Providing full-scale services to telecom operators in all the stages of their technological and business processes, from solution to implementation and support, by adding new values that will increase competitiveness and profitability of their business.

Why Choose Us

Research & development

Incited with research projects, we accumulate necessary knowledge for the telecom future, which is of vital interest for the company.

Innovation and high standards

We keep ourselves updated every day, and we are constantly researching on new technologies to be able to choose the best solutions for each project we handle.

Custom solutions

Usually almost any company has a unique structure and processes, and none of the out-of-box solutions matches its business at 100%.

Develop your idea with us

You have an idea of the software system that can help you automate your internal processes so that you can operate more efficient and cheaper?



• to understand the market needs
• to help our customers optimize their business by choosing the right technology that will enable the network efficiency and further development
• capability to create and offer complete solutions, including our own application development based on understanding of end-user needs and to capitalize on new revenue potential through the implementation of new technologies
• continuous investment in competence development as a main prerequisite to preserve and increase the competitiveness on the market.


To generate value add and profitable business to our customers by offering innovative applications, lucrative and competitive solutions, and excellent support services, thus contributing to business growth of our clients as well as our own.


Intellexi is recognizable among clients as the best and the most suitable choice for creation of innovative bullet proof ICT software applications and services as well as integration solutions.