We use our knowledge, professional skills and years of experience in solutions and products from leading telecom suppliers that our professionals have acquired in numerous projects and field engagements to quickly deliver supreme quality services to our customers and ensure their competitiveness on the market by protecting their investment and improving the profitability.

Services that we offer cover entire lifespan of customers’ application systems, enabling them to run their business more efficiently.

By choosing the right technology we guarantee the highest quality of our services from planning and designing of new application systems to extending the current ones, as well as a complete turnkey model for software solutions.

With our maintenance system organization, we ensure high service availability, performance optimization, and excellent quality of service for end users.

Knowledge, experience and professionalism are fundamental for a reliable software maintenance and support. That is why customers’ training and education are a very important part of the services that we provide for all the installed software components.

Services portfolio

  • PLAN
  • • Architecture & software systems planning and design
    • Engineering
    • Configuration
    • Project management

  • • Remote technical support
    • On-site technical support
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Corrective maintenance
    • Bug fix and workaround

  • • Solution optimization
    • Operation analysis and optimization
    • Reliability and security consulting
    • Solution analysis from end-users perspective

  • • Application development and construction
    • Installation and testing
    • Integration of systems and application launching

  • • Application operations and management
    • Application maintenance
    • Hosted application and administration

  • • Training for customers
    • Training for our own employees

Why Choose Us

Research & development

Incited with research projects, we accumulate necessary knowledge for the telecom future, which is of vital interest for the company.

Innovation and high standards

We keep ourselves updated every day, and we are constantly researching on new technologies to be able to choose the best solutions for each project we handle.

Custom solutions

Usually almost any company has a unique structure and processes, and none of the out-of-box solutions matches its business at 100%.

Develop your idea with us

You have an idea of the software system that can help you automate your internal processes so that you can operate more efficient and cheaper?