HT – Digital Transformation

The project goal was to implement completely new BSS (Business Support Systems – BSS) and OSS (Operations Support Systems) across all lines of business, while keeping up with the Business-As-Usual requirements in a highly dynamic industry of a First-Tier network operator.


  • Implementing completely new BSS and OSS landscape elements, in phases during a period of 30 months
  • Keeping up with the Business-As-Usual operations in a highly dynamic industry of a First Tier network operator
  • Transitional changes made a huge impact on entire OSS/BSS environment (including CRM, Billing, Workforce, and Service Management, Service and Resource Inventories)
  • Four different transition architectures

IT Architecture Consulting

Solution Design

Software Architecture Consulting

Business analysis

Technologies used:

  • ITIL
  • SID
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • OpenAPI
  • Java
  • BPM

Team composition:

  • 2 Solution Architects
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • Project highlights:

    Emphasis was given on producing bulletproof integration solution that will follow best practices and standards, with minimum change efforts and waste while transitioning through phases.


    Consolidation of CRM, Billing, Business Support Systems (BSS), and Operations Support Systems (OSS), as well as optimization of product portfolio and business processes, provided a modern and flexible environment across all lines of business.

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