Internet Banking Application

Project goal was to design and develop a new and modern Internet banking system with improved user experience. Solution was developed as a customizable, to fit other members of the bank group with standard internet banking functionalities.


  • Building a brand new Web and Mobile solution for corporate internet banking
  • Constant requirement changes making an impact on low-level design decisions
  • Developing the same frontend application using two frameworks — React & Angular
  • Customization and system integration with different Intesa bank subsidiaries within the group
  • Project required in-depth fintech domain knowledge and experience
  • Development of complex UI in order to achieve modern and improved UX

Solution design

Netflix micro-service

Solution architecture

Software Development

Technologies used:

  • Typescript, React, Redux
  • Angular Ionic, NgRx
  • Dart, Flutter
  • Java Spring Boot, JPA
  • Docker, Kubernetes

Team composition:

  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • 5 Full-Stack Engineers
  • Project highlights:

    Emphasis was on designing and developing a new and modern Internet banking system with improved user experience. Full-stack development was applied, with a bleeding edge frontend technology stack employed.

    The solution was developed as customizable to fit other bank members with standard internet banking functionalities: payment execution, templating and organizing, account overviews, currency trading, loan management, and several others.


    Customer experience is greatly improved by using modern and responsive single-page applications with significantly reduced load times and an intuitive design, providing greater ease of use. Client received scalable and future proof solution for further implementation on global scale.

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