PowerCIM Repository

Implementation of a PowerCIM, a platform for a harmonised data exchange in electric power system according to IEC power standards with the goal to enable digital transformation of an electric power distribution business. PowerCIM enables multi branch, bi-temporal versioned data storage and electric power network information exchange within power distributor and among other power distributors.


  • Critical infrastructure, with data replication as a must
  • Data correctness and validity and fast system response

Software Architecture

UI/UX Design

Solution Design

Custom Software Development

Technologies used:

  • Typescript, React
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • OpenAPI
  • Java
  • SQL
  • IEC 61970-301
  • IEC 61968-11
  • IEC 62325-301

Team composition:

  • 1 Solution Architects
  • 2 Full stack software developers
  • Project highlights:

    Emphasis was on building on open source but with fortification to the industry level of enterprise and near real time industry level. Correct implementation enables monetization of existing data and information for creating new business models.


    Implementation of a PowerCIM enabled digital transformation of an electric power distribution business and gives new tool to power company to create new revenue streams.

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